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  Welcome to Klepto Kitty.Com! It is dedicated to one of our cats, Ozzy. He was found in a paper sack along with his brother, and sister behind a friend's house. We adopted him and his sister, Madison and brought them home. He stole our hearts, and as he grew we found that was not going to be the only thing he would steal. It is not a big deal about his thievery, but where he stashes his ill-gotten gains. He loves to put his loot in or as close to the water bowl as he can. We have yet to figure out why, but after every Kitty Kaper we find something interesting in the bowl. There is no rhyme or reason to the items, just that he be able to carry, drag, or schlep it to the bowl. His normal routine consists of performing the kitty plop when chastised, scratching the carpet, but his three most favorite things in life to do are, Eatin', Sleepin' and Poopin'. But hey, it's rough being a kitty! We will update pictures of his shenanigans as they occur, so visit often to discover what has hit the bowl.
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